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The following is information for all river users regarding usage of the Fletcher’s Cove area by anglers, both private and via rental.

  • The Fletchers rental season is from April to October.
  • Rowboats with anglers start in March
  • Kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards start in April

Coaches in safety launches should be aware that wakes have a profound impact on rowboats and the anglers enjoying their sport. Please endeavor to keep wakes to a minimum and when at all possible go too far past Walkers Point (and past the buoy) into the cove when the rental season opens at Fletchers and anglers are on the river. Scullers are advised to be extra vigilant by looking around frequently. Keep race-level pieces in the cove to a minimum when anglers are out. Beware of fishing lines, and when possible stay 50ft from any vessel with rods out.

For anglers, please understand that the role of the chase boats following the crews is one of safety. They are there primarily to assist crews in the event of an emergency, especially high school athletes. The secondary purpose is for coaching and monitoring training. It is often a fine balance trying to minimize wake while maintaining a connection with the crews the coaches are following. It should be of interest that a number of the adult scullers and paddlers on the Potomac are either training for or are Olympic-level athletes hoping to represent our country.

Lastly, everyone should be aware that during inclement weather, especially in the spring months, the current appreciably picks up as one passes the Hen’s & Chicken’s and proceeds towards the cove. The area around the mouth of the cove has strong currents that will pull rowers toward and along the VA shore. Rowing above the top of the cove towards Chain Bridge is discouraged.