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The goal of the PRSC is not to “police” the community but rather to help create a community by providing guidance and standards for everyone to follow. As a group, we are here to help the community in the event of an incident or accident. We are willing to work with any and all stakeholders to bring resolution and better understanding to an issue and by doing so improve safety practices on the river. With that said we would offer the following:

  1. In the event of a safety incident on the river involving rowing shells we would encourage you to use USRowing’s Safety Incident Reporting Form which will allow you to document what occurred. This report can be used to meet the requirements by insurance companies for filing a report. Further, the information will be reviewed and cataloged by the USRowing Safety Committee for the purpose of supporting those involved and keeping statistics on incidents that can be used to improve safety educational practices in the sport.
  2. The PRSC Incident Reporting Form which may be used by any stakeholder in our community to alert the committee of a problem or incident. Doing so helps keep us informed of the facts, gives us the information necessary to help stakeholders negotiate a situation, and allows us to keep our own statistics so we can focus and improve our safety efforts on the Potomac for the community. 

Although it may appear to be redundant, using both forms of communication will allow for the best outcomes and improvements in an effort for making our sport(s) safer, both locally and nationally. You will receive a response, if desired, using both forms.General questions can be directed to or via the Potomac River Safety Committee email group on Google. NOTE-SafeSport concerns should NOT be sent to our committee. Please follow SafeSport guidelines for mandatory reporters.